The game room – the perfect place to gather with friends.
A treasure of century-old Victorian architecture.
Elegance and luxury await.
Homemade bread fresh from the oven.
Guests and friends gather for a spring ride
Coffee time - fresh ground and steaming hot, every morning.
English tea and biscuits.

Reservation Block

At the Levi Deal

Changes at the Mansion

After 7 wonderful years at the Levi Deal, Michael's other career pulled them away. But, by perfect happenstance, the perfect new owner appeared just in time - Deborah Fisher.  She will be taking the Inn to the next level. So, the Mansion remains the Gem of the Gap, the welcome is still warm, the accommodations luxurious, and the hospitality tradition lives on.  Come by soon!

Out and About

Don't miss Spring in the Laurel Highlands

Short and sweet, like the taste of a maple candy, Spring is finally here. Don't miss it this year, the trail will be open early - on 25 March! Grab those bike pants or backpacks and hit the trail. Watch those flowers bloom, the leaves uncurling, and the rabbits frolicking. Catch the turkeys and ducks, the deer, the sun, the wind-swept clouds, all of it. ------------------------- Check out the River and Wind Ride on June 3th sponsored by the Salvation Army. This is a wonderful 22 or 62 mile ride starting in Confluence. To register, call 814-445-9232.