Homemade bread fresh from the oven.
Elegance and luxury await.
Guests and friends gather for a spring ride
English tea and biscuits.
The game room – the perfect place to gather with friends.
Coffee time - fresh ground and steaming hot, every morning.
A treasure of century-old Victorian architecture.

Reservation Block

At the Levi Deal

The Gem of the Gap

Come stay the Levi Deal Mansion, considered by many to be the Gem of the Gap.  This year, the Mansion has a new owner and innkeeper, Deborah Fisher. The accomodations are beautiful, the food outstanding, and the welcome as warm as ever.  Visit our Facebook page for the latest in Levi Deal news.

Out and About

The leaves are NOT waiting for you.

The dog days are almost over; soon the weather will turn cool and delightful, perfect for a ride. Don't postpone, come for a ride down to Cumberland or Confluence.  Your eyes will feast as the trees try on their fancy back-to-school clothes, just for you. As you go downhill, the colors can range from bare to bright to full green on the same day.                                         Check out one of the festivals in the area, such as the Springs Folk Festival.