English tea and biscuits.
Elegance and luxury await.
Homemade bread fresh from the oven.
Innkeepers Jan and Michael welcome you to the Levi Deal Mansion.
Fresh ground coffee, steaming hot, every morning.
A treasure of century-old Victorian architecture.
The game room – the perfect place to gather with friends.

Reservation Block

At the Levi Deal

Long days, long rides, and cool evenings on the front porch of the Levi Deal.

The long sweet days of summer are perfect for riding. The forested trail beckons riders of all abilities. Who knows what you’ll find along the way – turkeys, turtles, fox, blue heron, deer? Maybe, even a transplanted peacock  (no kidding).  Of course, there are other reasons to visit the beautiful Laurel Highlands besides cycling, and we are here for all of them. Come see us soon!

Out and About

Summer is the perfect season to visit the Laurel Highlands

Come for the cycling, or to visit one of the internationally renowned attractions of the Laurel Highlands. Enhance your architectural tour of the Laurel Highlands by using the Levi Deal mansion as your home base. Visit the Flight 93 memorial, a testimonial to our resilience as a nation. Test your mettle in the Hit the Dusty Trail Duathlon. Or, just stop in to say hello.